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Episode 314 Spoilers: Chuck vs. the Honeymooners; 4/26/2010
4/26/10: Casey sits in the dinner car on the train with Chuck and Sarah, who are cuffed together. They apologize as they punch Casey. From Sneak Peek
4/26/10: As teased at the end of the last episode (#313), Chuck and Sarah have finally consummated their relationship and Beckman apparently offers her take on their coupling. From Fancast [Hope this just means they are not in this six episode arc and will be back for next season, assuming there is another season.]
4/26/10: Ellie and Awesome leave for Africa and Chuck misses the send-off, which upsets Ellie. From Kristin [Hope this just means they are not in this six episode arc and will be back for next season, assuming there is another season.]
4/26/10: CHUCK AND SARAH GO ON AN EUROPEAN ADVENTURE. While in Europe, Sarah and Chuck realize they're traveling on a train with Spanish Spies. Even though they're all alone, they decide to take on these rogue agents. Of course, this impromptu mission doesn't go smoothly. Meanwhile, Beckman orders her newest "unlikely" spy team - John Casey and Morgan Grimes - to track down the missing couple. From NBC
2/28/10: By the looks of a call sheet, Ellie and Awesome take a trip to Africa after a going away party 'headlined' by Jeffster. From io9 [We're still not sure if the title means that Ellie and Awesome are taking a belated honeymoon, but we are fairly sure that this means that Ellie and Awesome will be MIA for much (and maybe all) of the final six episodes.]
2/28/10: In addition to the guest characters listed below from the casting call as well as two Basque rebels and a shopkeeper, all the regular and recurring characters appear except Big Mike. Also of note, stunt doubles for Chuck, Casey, Sarah, Morgan, Juan Arnaldo and Elia are needed. Also, Arnaldo's second man, the second fake Interpol agent, both Basque rebels and the shopkeeper are stuntpeople. From io9 [A large cast with what looks to be a lot of action for the first episode of the 'mini-season'.]
2/28/10: Episode fourteen is "huge" and starts a more "emotional arc" for the final six episodes which were later added by NBC to the original thirteen episode order. From Chris Fedek Interview
2/28/10: The season had been conceived with a thirteen episode story arc based on NBC's original order. That story arc remained unchanged after NBC added six episodes to their order. As a result, this episode kicks off a new 'mini-arc' for the remainder of the season.
1/23/10: Guest characters: JUAN DIAZ ARNALDO - Early 40s. A Javier Bardem-type, scruffy, handsome, actually rather articulate and sensitive, Arnaldo is a renowned Basque terrorist who happens to be traveling with his two thugs on the same train as Chuck and Sarah. Despite his violent background he's a rather refined European gentleman who can be gracious and charming, especially to Sarah. GUEST STAR; MUSTACHE MAN - This French man with a mustache seems somewhat menacing and treacherous, until it's revealed he's a steward on the train carrying Chuck and Sarah. He brings many room service meals to them in their compartment, and wryly reminds them that the train does have a dining car. GUEST STAR; CANADIAN WOMAN/ELIA - This apparently innocuous Canadian woman on the train is actually a former accomplice of Arnaldo's, who's involved in a plot to retrieve him and bring him to justice for selling out their Basque terrorist group. She is tough, fearless and relentless. GUEST STAR; THUG #1/INTERPOL AGENT #1 & THUG #2/INTERPOL AGENT #2 - Two Spanish thugs traveling with renowned Basque terrorist Juan Diaz Arnaldo. GUEST STARS; POLISH ROCKER - This skinny Polish punk rocker in chains and tats is another passenger on the train. Sarah strikes up a conversation with him in Polish in order to stealthily relieve him of his handcuffs. Speaks Polish. GUEST STAR. From Casting Calls [Since these casting calls offer a lot more information than the usual, we're highly skeptical of them until another source corroborates this info.]