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Episode 309 Spoilers: Chuck vs. the Beard; 3/8/2010
3/7/10: Chuck arrives at the Castle. Shaw gives him a file with some intel. Chuck doesn't flash and Shaw benches him. Chuck says that being a spy is all he has and that he can't talk to his sister or his best friend about any of it. Sarah offers that Chuck can talk to them. Chuck looks at her and Shaw and says that won't work. Shaw then tells him that he needs to find something that does work and is benched until then. From Sneak Peek 1
3/7/10: Awesome and Ellie are on vacation. Chuck calls and tries to talk to Awesome about how he's benched, broke up with Hannah and that Sarah's falling for someone else. Awesome doesn't want to hear it since he's trying to fix things with Ellie and hangs up on Chuck. From Sneak Peek 2
3/7/10: Shaw drives the van. Casey reports that Chuck isn't answering his cell phone and Sarah says that the Buy More landlines are down. In the Buy More, Morgan suggest they call the police and Chuck attempts to get a signal. Morgan says that they'll just have to handle it themselves, but Chuck just wants to get out of the store. Morgan is all patriotic and actually mentions that the Castle is under the Buy More. Chuck says it's not a game that they can just start over when they fail the mission. Morgan can't be swayed, so Chuck agrees to help as long as they get everyone else out of the store and that Morgan keeps the secret between them. They walk out to find the Buy More employees blockading the store and Lester says that they are staying until they get their jobs back. Chuck tries to talk them out of it, but Big Mike and the rest won't be talked out of it and they even stage their own Iwo Jima-like flag-raising. From Sneak Peek 3 [This promo pretty much gives away that Morgan finds out about Chuck's secret.]
3/7/10: Chuck and Morgan are tied up in a vault or gallery somewhere when Deidrich Bader's character and his thugs walk in. Bader's character orders them to kill Chuck and Morgan. Chuck flashes and proceeds to take out the thugs. Bader's character grabs a sword and confronts Chuck, but is knocked out by Morgan who is in awe of Chuck's skills. From Sneak Peek 4
3/7/10: Four characters consider leaving Burbank and two actually do, but that doesn't mean they leave the show. From TV Guide [At least part of this spoiler likely refers to Awesome and Ellie's vacation.]
3/7/10: Apparently Jeffster returns. The "Buy Morons barricade themselves" in the store. Diedrich Bader's role is as a "Buy More exec with an ulterior motive." From Kristin
3/7/10: Either Ellie or Morgan find out Chuck's secret (maybe). From SpoilerTV [Based on the official episode description for episode ten, it seems that Ellie finds out.]
2/28/10: CHUCK GETS BENCHED WHEN HE CAN'T FLASH. Chuck feels like his life is falling apart when he can't flash and gets left behind for a mission. While Shaw (guest star Brandon Routh), Sarah and Casey go on without him, Chuck finds himself in a sticky situation back at the base. From NBC
1/24/10: Diedrich Bader (The Drew Carey Show) guest stars and Zachary Levi will direct the episode. From Ausiello

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