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Season 3 General Spoilers
4/26/10: "Chuck has a secret he's keeping from Sarah," teases exec producer Josh Schwartz. "A secret that could cost Chuck what Sarah loves most about him - his mind." From Ausiello
3/7/10: If Chuck's current ratings hold, it'll likely be renewed for a fourth season. From Hollywood Reporter
3/7/10: Four characters consider leaving Burbank and two actually do, but that doesn't mean they leave the show. From TV Guide [This spoiler doesn't actually reference an episode, we think it revolves around story developments in episodes ten and/or eleven or it could just refer to Ellie and Awesome's vacation in episode nine.]
3/7/10: Chuck and Ellie's dad, Steven Bartkowski (Scott Bakula) sppears in the final three episodes of the season. From ChuckTV
2/28/10: Shaw's appearances have apparently been extended beyond the already extended eight, but it's not yet known as to how many. From Ausiello
2/28/10: Anna Wu returns late in the season. From Julia Ling
2/28/10: Episode thirteen is "epic" and brings an end to the main thirteen episode arc which ends the original season order. Episode fourteen is "huge" and starts a more "emotional arc" for the final six episodes which were later added by NBC. From Chris Fedek Interview
1/31/10: Shaw wants to push Chuck to reach his full potential as well as the team. Shaw believes that Casey and Sarah are holding Chuck back by protecting him, so Shaw pushes Chuck. From IESB
1/31/10: Shaw (Brandon Routh) was originally set to appear in four episodes, which was expanded to eight episodes. It's unknown whether Shaw will return. From IESB
1/31/10: Someone other than Awesome will find out that Chuck is a spy. From SciFi Wire
1/24/10: Bryce Larkin might not be dead and might be back this season, depending on scheduling with Matthew Bomer's new series. From Kristin
1/23/10: Chuck and Ellie's father, Steve Bartowski, will be back late in the season for multiple episodes. From Ausiello
1/20/10: Anna will not appear in the first thirteen episodes, although there is a chance she could return in the final six. From Ausiello
1/20/10: NBC picked up an additional six episodes to bring the total to nineteen. The writers are treating the addition six as "season 3.2." From Ausiello
5/22/09: There will be a "potential new love interest on the show... who could triangulate between a couple of characters." From Ausiello [The obvious assumption would be a new complication to Chuck and Sarah's relationship. Hopefully, it won't be that obvious.]
5/22/09: As part of the budget concessions, some episodes may not include the Buy More. Anna is expected to return although which actors are contracted (recurring) was not confirmed. Chuck, Sarah and Casey will appear in all episodes. Chuck will get a job at "an electronics shop in a strip mall." Supposedly, the character who will work at Subway has not been fully worked out. Chuck having the Intersect will again complicate he and Sarah's "ability to be a couple." From Josh Schwartz Interview
5/22/09: As part of negotiations that led to renewal of the series, a "major marketing deal" was signed with Subway which will include one character working at Subway. From Variety
5/22/09: Chuck has been renewed for thirteen episodes. It will share the 8pm (7pm Central) timeslot with Heroes, which will occupy the slot in the fall. Following the Winter Olympics in February 2010, Chuck will return to the slot. From
5/17/09: In order to secure renewal, budget cuts had to be agreed to which include "scaling back the number of episodes several members" of the supporting cast appear in, "possibly eliminating one actor altogether" and cutting staff writers. From Ausiello
5/17/09: Chuck has been renewed for thirteen episodes. From Hollywood Reporter
5/7/09: No definitive word on a renewal although it does look likely. Definite word may not come for a couple weeks. In addition, if the show is renewed, it's likely to be for thirteen episodes. From
4/17/09: The CW network is NOT considering picking up Chuck if NBC cancels the show. From Kristin
4/11/09: Even if NBC cancels Chuck, there's a good change the CW network would pick up the show. From Series.NU [We're not sure of the reliability of this snippet.]
3/8/09: In addition to one character finding out the truth about Chuck's secret spy life in season two, the plan is for another character to find out in season three. From Washington Post Interview