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Episode 304 Spoilers: Every Man For Himself; A "Sawyer" episode; October 25, 2006;
11/4/06: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Inmate Sawyer meets with the warden and the treasury agents.

Jack is led across the compound by the Others.

Kate escapes from her cage.

Kate starts to work on Sawyer's lock, but he stops her.

Danny Pickett beats Sawyer as Kate tries to stop him.

Kate holds Sawyer after the beating.

10/25/06: Episode Summary Now Available
10/24/06: AOL Previews - Preview #1 & Preview #2
10/24/06: Kristen hints that an Other dies, which might explain some of the apparently rage seen in this episode. One would assume that Colleen, who was shot by Sun in Ep 2, is who dies.
10/21/06: [Danny] Pickett (Colleen's significant Other) appears.
10/19/06: Sawyer gets beaten by Gale (Ben) and tortured by the Others. [From Previews]
10/10/06: Sawyer discovers just how far his captors will go to thwart any plans of escape he and Kate might have, and Jack is called upon to scrub up in order to save the life of one of "The Others." Meanwhile, Desmond's behavior begins to perplex the survivors when he starts construction on an unknown device. From ABC
10/10/06: Cassidy, from Sawyer's last flashback, appears, which may means that this episode is actually a Sawyer episode.
10/10/06: Mr Friendly, Nikki and Rodrigo appear.
9/15/06: Some flashbacks are set during his time in prison and his best friend there.
9/15/06: Most likely a Desmond Episode, but has been mentioned as a Sawyer episode.
9/15/06: Added Episode Title

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