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Episode 301 Spoilers: A Tale of Two Cities; A "Jack" episode; October 4, 2006;
10/14/06: Went back and added selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Jack and Christian square off in a flashback.

Gale and Ethan.

Gale and Kate prepare to sit down to a beachside meal.

Gale, Juliet and Goodwin.

Jack and Juliet in the underwater hatch.

Juliet and friends.

Jack and Sarah in a flashback.

Mr Friendly "escorting" Sawyer with Juliet [again] following.

10/4/06: Episode Summary Now Available
9/30/06: New series regular Juliet is introduced.
9/29/06: Christian Shephard, Sarah, Mr. Friendly, Ethan and Goodwin appear.
9/29/06: Jack's flashbacks: Jack saves a little girl from choking and she warns Jack not to trust Sarah. Jack possibly suspects that Sarah was having her affair with her father, which may explain some of his guilt over his father going to Australia.
9/15/06: Added Episode Title

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