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Episode 322 Spoilers: Through the Looking Glass; A "Jack" Episode; May 23, 2007;
5/13/07: Three of the characters are Charlie, Tom/Mr. Friendly and one of the recurring "henchman" Others. The other two deaths are female. From DarkUFO [Not sure if Charlie dies in the finale or in his episode.]
5/13/07: Five characters die. Though they are all recognizable, only two are what Cuse/Lindelof consider "major." From Carlton/Lindelof interview at
5/13/07: Naomi, Richard Alpert, Alex, Karl, Mikhail, Danielle, Rose, Bernard, Pryce, Greta, Bonnie, Jason and Penny appear. Other characters that likely appear in flashbacks include Dr. Hamill, funeral director, pharmacist, customer and doctor. From ABC
5/13/07: Jack and the castaways begin their efforts contact Naomi's rescue ship. From ABC
5/13/07: Walt or Michael will appear. From DarkUFO [It likely will be Walt.]
5/13/07: A fan favorite will sacrifice himself for the good of the rest. From Kristin
4/24/07: On still-mysterious Lost, no season-finale is complete without someone dying. Who that will be is still anyone's guess. The survivors of Flight 815 will have another showdown with the "Others," the origins of the Dharma Initiative will be explained, and the beach occupants divide into two camps: one run by Jack and the other Sawyer. One old face you will not be seeing is Harold Perrineau as Michael, who actually turned down an opportunity to return in the season finale. At this point, we have to assume that Michael and Walt are safe and sound at home. From MediaWeek
4/22/07: There will be five deaths in the last four episodes. From Ausiello
4/14/07: This episode will have Jack flashbacks. From Ain't It Cool News
4/12/07: Danielle appears. From Zlatna
4/12/07: Ausiello reports that "it's looking like the finale will be Jack-centric."
4/12/07: Added the episode title.
4/12/07: Kristin reports that casting called for a tired single mother, a doctor who is chief of staff, a depressed mortician, a pharmacist and a stewardess.
4/12/07: Hurley will play a central role in the finale. From Lost - The Official Magazine
4/12/07: There is a showdown between the Flight 815 survivors and the Others. From Ausiello
3/25/07: Murky spoilers and resulting speculation seem to leave Episodes 19, 20 and 22 as flashbacks for Sawyer, Jack and Ben. Not sure what order or if all three are indeed true.
3/25/07: This episode might shape up to be a two hour season finale.
3/16/07: Charlie will have an impact on the finale "without him physically being there." From Dominic Monaghan Interview in Media Guardian
3/16/07: Charlie's fate will be decided. From Kristin [The only way it'll be decided is if he dies. Otherwise, it'll always be open to change like Kate's choice between Jack and Sawyer.}
1/15/07: Penny's search for Desmond will have on-island ramifications in the finale. From Chicago Tribune Article

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