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Episode 308 Spoilers: Flashes Before Your Eyes; A "Desmond" episode; February 14, 2007
2/14/07: Episode Summary Now Available
2/10/07: Desmond, Charlie and Hurley sit around a campfire. Desmond is drinking. Charlie and Hurley want to know how he knew that Claire was drowning. He claims that he heard her calling for help. Hurley points out that they were a mile away. Desmond says he's got really good hearing. Charlie then asks if he can hear the lightning too and reminds him of the lightning rod he put up outside Claire's tent before the storm hit. Desmond doesn't answer. He just gets up, gives Charlie back the bottle and tells him thanks. As he's walking off, Charlie wants to know what he's up to. Charlie says he's no hero just because he turned a key. Charlie then calls him a coward. In response, Desmond turns and jumps Charlie. He grabs his chin and pushes his head into the sand as he shouts that he doesn't want to know what happened to him. From ABC Promo
2/10/07: Desmond returns to the beach camp, comes upon Hurley and Charlie and wants both of them to come with him. Hurley wants to know if they found Eko. Back in the jungle, Charlie asks Locke what happened [to Eko] and Desmond starts acting strangely. He takes off running and the others chase after him. When they reach the beach, Desmond is rescuing Claire. Hurley comments that Desmond sees the future. From CTV Promo
2/3/07: Speculations based on the promo pics: [(Referencing the pics in order on the link below)
  • Pics 1 & 2 look to lead into the Lost Moment where Desmond rescues Claire who was drowning.
  • In Pic 3, Hurley is likely questioning Locke about Desmond's behavior.
  • In Pics 4 & 5, Desmond visits an antique shop and shows Mrs. Hawking a ring.
  • In Pic 6, Desmond is dressed sharply in a suit likely paid for with the money from selling his ring. He's visiting someone in the Widmore Industries building.
  • Pic 7 shows that the meeting didn't go so well.
  • Pic 8 involves one of those rainstorms that having meaning on the show.
  • Pic 9 has Mrs. Hawking and Desmond talking on the street. They are likely near the construction site accident that he predicted. The constable can be seen taking interest. Perhaps the accident is blamed on Desmond and that's how he ended up in jail.
  • No idea of the significance of Pic 10.]
  • 2/3/07: Selected Promo Pics from the episode
    1/29/07: Desmond, sure of his prescience, will tell one of the main characters that they will die no matter what he tries to do to change it. [Speculation rests on Charlie.]
    1/29/07: Penny Widmore and her father, Charles appear. Fionnula Flanagan plays a character named Ms. Hawking. From ABC [Ms. Hawking is clearly a reference to Dr. Stephen Hawking, author of A Brief History of Time which deals with black holes and space and time among other things.]
    1/29/07: A suspicious Hurley enlists Charlie to help him drag the truth out of Desmond, who has been acting strangely ever since the hatch implosion. From ABC
    1/28/07: A suspicious Hurley enlists Charlie to help him drag the truth out of Desmond, who has been acting strangely ever since the hatch implosion. From TV Guide
    1/26/07: Charlie and Hurley try to work out what happened to Desmond after the hatch explosion. We learn more about Desmond's past focusing on his life before recruitment into the army. Will we finally get a better understanding of what the Others are up to? From Sky One UK
    12/21/06: Both Penny Widmore and her father appear, likely in Desmond's flashbacks.
    12/21/06: The on-Island story is that Hurley and Charlie try to figure out what has been going on with Desmond since the Hatch implosion.
    12/21/06: Added Episode Title
    12/13/06: Even though this episode appears to be a standard flashback episode, there's something unique about the presentation. Perhaps, a play off Desmond's "future-seeing." It has been described as "David Lynch-y."
    12/13/06: Desmond visits one of his former college professors to ask for some advice.
    12/13/06: The scene with the older woman (Fionnula Flanagan) is not just a random meeting, but rather she is someone important to Desmond. Ausiello speculates that she could be his mother. [His speculation, not mine. The way this show goes, she could be just an acquaintance who points out something profound to Desmond.]
    11/8/06: Flashbacks include a scene in Stanwyck's Antiques and street posters dated as 1995.
    11/8/06: Cindy and the two taillie children will appear, or at least what happened to them will be seen.
    11/8/06: Another of Desmond's flashbacks have him looking downtrodden and much less "snapily" dressed. He talks with a mature woman (Fionnula Flanagan). Their conversation is interrupted by a noisy construction accident nearby. Their encounter ends with the woman giving Desmond a ring.
    11/7/06: Desmond's flashbacks includes a visit to Widmore Industries that doesn't turn out well. Desmond wears a suit for the visit. He comes out upset and tugs his tie off. Also in a flashback crossover, Desmond encounters Charlie playing the guitar on a street corner. [Not exactly the Charlie flashback everyone has been hoping for.]
    11/4/06: This is apparently a Desmond episode and includes the London flashbacks that were already expected during the season. [How is a Desmond flashback going to top The Other 48 Days?]
    10/17/06: One of the guest characters is Donovan, a British physics professor. [Another professor?]
    10/15/06: Based on three items, this episode is likely a flashback episode to the Others' village before the plane crash. Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof said that that there will be an Others flashback episode, no guest casting info trickled out for this episode and Damon posted to The Fuselage that this episode (that he's writing) will rival "The Other 48 Days" from Season 2.
    10/15/06: Damon Lindelof is writing the episode with Drew Goddard (Alias).

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