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Episode 309 Spoilers: Stranger in the Strange Land; A "Jack" episode; February 21, 2007;
2/21/07: Episode Summary Now Available
2/17/07: Tom walks into Jack's cell. He tells Jack to get up because it's moving time. Jack wants to know why and Tom won't answer. Jack then rants that because the two of them just saved Ben's life, he can show enough respect to not call "it" moving. Tom asks what "it" is. Jack says to kill him. Tom wants to know why they'd kill Jack. Jack says because theyare done with him. Tom wants to know what kind of people Jack thinks that they are. Jack counters that they kidnapped Claire when she was pregnant, hung Charlie and kidnapped kids. Tom doesn't answer for a moment. He paces around and then taps the glass. He says that he'll get Jack some "stones" for the "glass house" that he's living in. He then says that they need to do "this the easy way." Two Others walk in. Jack allows them to shackle him and lead him out. From AOL clip
2/17/07: In the boat, Kate turns to Sawyer and tells him to stop, because they have to go back. Sawyer argues that they just escape, but Kate says that they can't leave Jack behind. Sawyer says that's exactly what they need to do because Jack asked them to. He then asks her what she thinks "Captain Bunny-killer" will do if he catches them. Karl pipes up and says, "Kill you." He then adds, "God loves you as he loved Jacob." Sawyer sarcastically says thanks to Karl, sorry to Kate and then says that Jack is on his own. From AOL clip
2/17/07: Kate and Sawyer argue. He says that she's feels guilty. She says that she doesn't because they had to leave Jack behind. He then says that he's not talking about Jack, but rather the two of them (their "fling"). From 2nd ABC Promo
2/17/07: As the promo pics already indicated. Tom comes to get Jack from his cell and Juliet is placed there. Jack ends up in the cage where he talks with Cindy. From ABC/CTV Previews
2/10/07: Speculation based on the promo pics: [(Referencing the pics in order on the link below)
  • In Pic 2, Isabel looks to be supervising Juliet's "arrest."
  • In Pic 3, Juliet rubs her wrists, now free of the cuffs. She looks to be in the same room where Jack was held, which might explain why Jack has been moved to the cage.
  • In Pic 4, Alex just looks so excited to be there.
  • In Pic 5, Tom, Jack and Isabel are likely watching Juliet's video request for Jack to kill Ben. Isabel seems to be acting as Juliet's prosecutor.
  • In Pic 6, Jack and his Thai tattoo-artist lover, Achara in a scene first glimpsed as a Lost moment.
  • In Pic 7, we can't tell if Jack is coming or going, but our guess is that he's being moved to the cage so Juliet can move in.
  • In Pic 8, Jack has likely been brought to check Ben, or at least give the other doctor instructions. Alex can be seen in the background, so she's likely being held there by the Others because of Ben.
  • In Pic 9, Kate and Sawyer continue their boat trip. Sawyer looks ticked and Kate isn't even paddling. This is likely where Kate argues that they need to go back for Jack, which has been glimpsed in previews
  • In Pic 10, Kate again isn't paddling, while Karl still looks to be in rough shape.]
  • 2/10/07: Selected Promo Pics from the episode
    2/10/07: Jack is in the cage and sees a handcuffed Juliet escorted by the Others.From ABC Promo
    2/10/06: Tom (Mr. Friendly), Alex, Karl and Cindy appear. The Other woman who recognizes Jack's tattoo is named Isabel. From ABC
    2/3/06: As Jack sits in his cage, a previously unseen female Other reads Jack's tattoes. She thinks that the '5' and the stars are "very cute," but she finds the Chinese writing "ironic" in what it says. she then asks Jack if he knows what it says. From Lost Moments
    1/30/07: A power play ensues between Jack and "The Others" as Juliet's future hangs in the balance. Meanwhile, Kate, Sawyer and Karl continue on their journey away from "Alcatraz." Episode Description From ABC [So they leave the second island at the end of Episode 3.07 and are still on their own two episodes later.]
    1/26/07: More flashbacks about Jack on his travels to Bangkok and Thailand. He recalls the intriguing people he met, in particular the unforgettable Sherry and a talented tattoo artist. From Sky One UK
    1/26/07: Stranger in a Strange Land is the title of a Robert Heinlein book in addition to the obvious description of Jack being in Thailand.
    1/26/07: Added Episode Title
    1/16/07: Achara tells Jack that she can "see who people are." Jack pushes her against the wall and ominously asks her, "Do you see who I am?" From Promos
    1/15/07: One of the Others, a woman not previously seen, walks up to Jack's cage. She apparently recognizes the styling of Jack's tattoos because she says that she was reading them and she assumes that he knows what they says. Jack's response is a smile. From Promos [Now we know what triggers his Thailand flashbacks.]
    1/15/07: The second island will last be seen in this episode. From Chicago Tribune Article [Just in time for Paulo's final appearance.] [Just in time for Jack's hiatus.]
    1/5/07: In a flashback, Jack is sleeping in what looks to be a shack. Achara enters and without saying a word, she strips and climbs into bed with him. They roll around and end up rolling off the bed onto the floor. From Lost Moments
    12/13/06: In one flashback, Jack follows Achara down the night-life street past a dancers performing on an outside stage and down an alley. In the alley, Jack is confronted by Achara's brother.
    12/13/06: Bai Ling's character is apparently named Achara.
    12/13/06: Jack's flashbacks are set in Bangkok including a street lined with with bars and night clubs and, of course, a tattoe parlor.
    12/13/06: Bai Ling appears in this episode (and is scheduled for two more appearances) as Jack's mysterious Thai girlfriend. She is also responsible for those tattoos that he has. They apparently have a very passionate relationship and grow close and yet there is a lot about who she is and what she can do that remains a mystery to Jack. [Maybe we will finally at least start to get an explanation concerning his tattoos.]
    11/7/06: Jack looks to get a brawl with several (Thai?) men.
    11/7/06: Another guest character is described as a protective (Thai) brother.
    11/4/06: Early speculation is that this is a Jack episode since his tattoos are said to be explained this season [Didn't the showrunners say that last year too?], the Asian woman is Thai and she is a tattoo artist. [Of course, this is entirely speculation especially since Jack already had a flashback episode this season.]
    10/11/06: Guest characters include Sherry and an Asian woman who is an artist.

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