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Season 3 General Spoilers
5/13/07: Jacob is a "question for the fourth season." Ben shot Locke because his hearing Jacob was confirmation that he was special and thus a threat to Ben. Jacob is likely confined in part due to the substance that Locke noticed. More of the Dharma purge will be seen and Ben's love interest Annie will be revisited. From Lost Podcast
4/12/07: Sawyer will have an "interesting trek" with Locke. From Lost - The Official Magazine
4/12/07 : Locke was on the right track when implying that Ben wasn't healing because he was living on the Island with modern conveniences such as refrigerated chicken. From Official Lost Podcast
4/12/07 : Rose and Bernard have an upcoming storyline. From Official Lost Podcast
3/24/07: From the latest Lost Podcast, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof mentioned the following. Aside from his lie about being a part of it, Mikhail was speaking the truth about Dharma. More would be learned about Locke's motiviations [Would hope so.]. The Others did not know about the Swan station. [How is that possible? Of course, based on Goodwin's reaction, they didn't know about the Arrow Station either.] They also indicated that they are not done with Dharma and teased that Mikhail might not be dead. From Lost Podcast
3/16/07: Carlton Cuse says that the cable that Sayid found in Season 1 will be "coming into play" and be explained before the end of the season. From BuddyTV
3/3/07: Dominic Monaghan has been told that he won't be back for Season 4. From Life & Style Magazine [Evangeline Lilly denies that Dominic has been told anything.]
2/24/07: There will be no Rousseau flashback until Season 4. She knows more than she's letting on and may appear in someone else's flashback. From Lost Podcast
2/10/07: Ben and Juliet were once married. From ABC Promo [That could explain the tensions seen in the season's first episode.]
2/10/07: The mystery involving Claire's baby will be explored in an April episode. From Ausiello [Since her flashback is slated to air in March, this has to occur in another episode. Sun/Jin's?]
2/3/07: The effects of the purple sky and more about Dharma will be revealed in upcoming episodes. From USA Today Article
1/26/07: Charlie's kidnapping of Sun will be found out and again create friction between he and Claire. From Ausiello [Wonder if this storyline will lead to Charlie's death as Desmond has predicted and Jin having killed someone.]
1/15/07: Carlton Cuse claims that Sawyer finds Dharma beer. From ATST Panel
1/15/07: Damon Lindelof indicated that somewhere in episodes 307-314 (first 6-7 after the break) it would be explained why when the Others have/had contact with the outside world, they didn't bring in a surgeon for Ben. From ATST Panel
1/15/07: Carlton Cuse indicated that several "dead" characters would appear in an upcoming episode. From ATST Panel
1/15/07: Damon Lindelof indicated that Jin has killed someone, though the actor doesn't know it yet. From ATST Panel
1/15/07: Juliet's sister is expected to appear again later in the season. From Chicago Tribune Article
1/15/07: Rose and Bernard will be back. From Chicago Tribune Article
1/8/07: Ben being unable to fill his leadership role at the moment apparently opens the door for previously unseen "frightening characters" to step in and take over. From Michael Emerson Podcast with Comic News Insider [Patch and his crew of "pirates"?]
1/8/07: There is at least one other faction of "Others" that did not breakaway from Ben's group. From Michael Emerson Podcast with Comic News Insider [So that basically means at least three different groups of people on the Island... who wants to bet that in the fourth season, we'll learn of a fourth group and so on as the show continues.]
1/8/07: Ben and the Others have a reason to stay even though they can leave the Island and have contact with the outside world. From Michael Emerson Podcast with Comic News Insider
1/8/07: The Others apparently have unusual strength and have one thing different about them compared to "normal humans." From Michael Emerson Podcast with Comic News Insider
1/8/07: Ben and Alex's relationship will soon be explained. From Michael Emerson Podcast with Comic News Insider
1/8/07: Paulo apparently won's survive the season and his final scenes may be filmed this month, which would put them between episodes 11-14. From Rodrigo Santoro Interview with Fohla Online [Guess the actor decided that he didn't want to be around for the long haul. His final appearance looks to be around the time that has been hinted as having a big change.]
1/6/07: Casting is out for a "Female, mid 20's to 30. Tough, fit, very intelligent. Not American." The character would appear starting in episode 17 and through the end of the season. From secretagentman [One assumes that they want a non-American character to keep the diversity up.]
1/5/07: Charlie and Claire will move toward becoming a "real couple." [Guess Charlie isn't going to have another relapse just yet]
1/2/07: Jack likely won't appear in 3-4 mid-season episodes, likely the episodes immediately following his flashback episode (Ep 309), since Matthew Fox has said that he will miss a total of four weeks of filming. From Matthew Fox Interview with Australian TV Magazine
12/14/06: Jack is going to stay with The Others for several episodes as the story continues to unfold from their perspective as well. [Looks like Kate and Sawyer get away, but Jack doesn't.]
12/13/06: Benjamin/Henry's surgery leaves him vulnerable to a power-struggle. Other "Others" will appear as part of that. From Honolulu Star Bulletin [Guess this means that Benjamin survives his surgery. Here's betting One-Eye is one of the new Others to turn up. Yeah, having a Kristin moment "spoiling" the obvious.]
12/13/06: Among the things that the showrunners are teasing will be explored during the rest of the season are: Locke's wheelchair, Desmond's "future-seeing," and more about what happened in the Hatch after Desmond triggered the fail-safe. [Each new Locke flashback since the first reveal in the 1st Season was supposed to explain that wheelchair, so I'll believe it when I finally see it.]
12/13/06: The actor who plays Paulo apparently is at least negotiating to appear in three seasons. From TV Globo [So he's around for the long haul? Guess that means he'll get little character development while other short-timers get the screen time. < /sarcasm off>]
12/13/06: Libby's story looks to be on the shelf for a while since the showrunners want to get back to exploring (flashbacks for) the familiar characters. Damon Lindelof wants to explore her story in a flashback of a character that didn't know Libby on the Island. [So we have to wait until they find a way to introduce more new characters.]
12/13/06: Bai Ling is set to appear as Jack's Thai girlfriend/tattoo artist in three episodes.
12/13/06: Kate's police officer husband is scheduled to make a second appearance.
11/8/06: The glimpse of the Island by the outside world will be a major story arc in this season.
11/8/06: The eye-patch guy will reappear and be part of a major thread.
11/8/06: The Black Rock will be seen again shortly after the break.
11/8/06: There will be what Damon Lindelof is calling a "character bomb" within the first three episodes (3.07, 3.08 or 3.09) in the spring. [Wonder if this has to do with Juliet shooting someone.]
11/8/06: There are still other Taillies still alive (probably referring to Cindy and the two kids).
11/8/06: What happened to Eko, Desmond and Locke in the Hatch will be revealed.
11/8/06: Michael and Walt's story is not over, but they won't be seen in Season 3.
11/5/06: The Nikki/Paulo flashback is slated to be an on-island flashback like The Other 48 Days and Claire's last flashback.
11/4/06: The London flashbacks are being shot now, which would seem to indicate that they are either for episode 8 or 9. These episodes have been hinted at either being an "Others" flashback, Charlie or Desmond, which could all fit with a London flashback.
11/1/06: Clementine (the baby that Cassidy claimed was Sawyer's) may appear in another flashback.
11/1/06: Nikki and Paulo may get a flashback this season that explains what they have been doing while the others were off on their "adventures."
10/28/06: There will be a London-based flashback this season.
10/18/06: Penny Widmore and her search for Desmond will not be seen during the first six episodes of the season.
10/17/06: The first six episodes will air with no repeats and tie up threads from the end of Season 2, then the show will take a "break" until February. It will then return and the remaining sixteen (possibly seventeen) episodes will air consecutively without repeats. [Here's hoping that's how the schedule actually works out.]
10/17/06: Charlie and Claire will be part of a triangle this season. Lost podcast
10/17/06: Shannon will appear in flashbacks this season. Lost podcast
10/17/06: The Flame Station will be found this season. Lost podcast [The Hydra station has already been revealed this season.]
10/17/06: Nathan Fillion (Firefly) plays Kate's husband in flashbacks in this episode and possibly one more episode this season.
10/15/06: Even though Damon Lindelof's claim that Goodwin and Ethan might not have known each, the showrunners are sticking by the possibility that there are two factions of Others. Lost podcast
10/15/06: By the end of the first six episodes, it will be explained why Karl was locked up. Karl was not planted in the cells.
10/10/06: There will be off-island present time (rather than just flashbacks) scenes. [Presumably, relating to Penny Widmore's search for Desmond.]
10/10/06: The medical miracles (Locke walking and Rose's cancer remission) will be explained.
10/10/06: Alex will return.
10/10/06: Michael and Walt do not figure in Season 3.
10/2/06: Kate and Sawyer kiss, but is it what it seems?
9/30/06: Early in the season, Charlie is back in Claire's good graces.
9/30/06: There will be more romance this season.
9/30/06: Yunjin Kim (Sun) has been told that the father of her baby won't be revealed until the season finale. [Based on what was told to Harold Perrineau, this might mean nothing].
9/30/06: Why Locke was paralyzed and why the Island has healing powers will be revealed.
9/30/06: Why Libby was in the asylum will be revealed this season.
9/30/06: Jin and Jae Lee may be connected in an unexpected way.
9/30/06: Two people "close" to Sun will die. [this sounds like a foiler]
9/30/06: It will be revealed that Jack has met some of the Others back pre-Island, which is why they negotiate with him.
9/30/06: Juliet may be a new love interest for Jack.
9/30/06: In the first four episodes, Kate will reveal who she loves on the Island.
9/30/06: The two new female charactes are Juliet and Nikki. There is also a new male character, Paulo. Nikki and Paulo will be a couple and are recurring characters. Juliet is not a survivor [an Other?] and will be a regular for Season 3.
9/29/06: Desmond and Henry Gale are regulars for Season 3.
5/24/06: Alex will reappear and there might be two new female characters.
5/24/06: Cindy's fate will eventually be revealed.
5/24/06: Michael will not be a regular character next season, although he may still make some appearances.
5/19/06: Henry Gale is set to be a recurring character for Season 3.
5/17/06: Libby's backstory will be seen in Season 3 flashbacks.
5/13/06: More Details and Screenshots of Season 2 DVD to be released October 3rd (Click here)
5/6/06: Season 2 DVD to be released October 3rd (Click here for Announced DVD Details)
5/3/06: Sun's baby will be a storyline in Season 3 [This probably actually refers to her pregnancy, unless they plan to move the storyline ahead eight months].
5/3/06: Rousseau will return and more will be delved into regarding the wrecked science ship, although that story might not come up in Season 3.
5/3/06: Walt's growth (to cover for the actor's growth) will be explained. [Don't think so.]
5/3/06: More will be learned about Dharma. [Duh. This is a pretty lame spoiler, but I'll include it.]
5/3/06: New characters will be added and so fewer flashbacks of the original characters will be seen.
  • Damon Lindelof has hinted that the Arrow bunker might not have been one of the other stations, but just a storage bunker. He also suggests that there may be other Arrow bunkers on the Island.
  • The lines in the Dharma logo have some significance when looking at their "simplest elements."
  • Damon Lindelof suggests that Ethan and Goodwin may not have known each other and that there may different factions of Others.
  • Eko's encounter with the monster was different from Locke's. It sets him off on his "destiny," which is different since he has closer ties to the Island thanks to the drug plane.
  • According to the showrunners, Walt's fate will be determined by the end of Season 2.
  • According to Harold Perrineau (Michael), he was told that Walt's fate will be undetermined until Season 3. [I guess they lied to him.]
  • Dharma is an acronym.
  • As hinted at in the Orientation film, there are six bunkers on the Island so there are several possibilities for strange occurances.
  • No Rose/Bernard flashback in Season 2, but it is a possibility for Season 3. [Hmmm, this was wrong.]
  • More will eventually be learned about Dharma, including the possibility of that long-rumored Pre-crash island/project flashback.
  • The island will be explored much more.

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