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Episode 307 Spoilers: Not In Portland; A "Juliet" episode; February 7, 2007
2/7/07: Episode Summary Now Available
2/3/07: Additional Selected Promo Pics from the episode [The Fourth pic likely shows an upset Juliet telling Ben that she shot Pickett.]
1/26/07: Ben's life is now in Jacks hands. Jack wastes no time using this to his advantage by helping Kate and Sawyer to escape. What perils lie ahead for Kate and Sawyer? Could they find unexpected help from one of the Others? We also get the opportunity to learn more about Juliet and her past. Charlie and Hurley go through Sawyers personal belongings and food stash back at the beach and Charlie finds himself under attack by Desmond. From Sky One UK
1/26/07: Ben's life is in Jack's hands, but the doc's gambit to free Kate and Sawyer hits a geographical snag. Still, the runaways elude Danny and the other guards, with the help of unlikely allies. Flashbacks follow Juliet's medical career, which has a very personal component to it. From TV Guide
1/17/07: Juliet is working for her ex-husband in infertility research in Miami. She's miserable, but apparently unable to leave her position. A company "in Portland" makes a great offer, but she says that the only way that she can take the job is if her boss/ex-husband were "hit by a bus." Soon after, he's hit by a bus [this is in line with the previous spoiler of a man being hit by a bus that carries an ad for Apollo Candy Bars.]. Ethan visits her at the morgue and renews the offer. She's told the position isn't really in Portland, but she still commits to six months. She's also experimenting on her sister and they are happy to find that she is pregnant and Juliet was promised by Ethan that she would be back in time for the birth of her sister's baby. Meanwhile on the Island, Alex helps Kate and Sawyer escape from Pickett. She makes a deal with them. If they save Karl, she'll give them a boat. They find him being forced to watch a brainwashing video and free him. In the operating room, Ben wakes up during the surgery and overhears that Juliet tried to get Jack to kill him. Juliet and Ben have a side chat and she leaves. The episode climaxes at the beach where Kate, Sawyer and Karl try to board the boat that Alex promised them. Pickett arrives, but Juliet shoots him and lets Kate, Sawyer and Karl go. Juliet tells Alex that she can't go because Ben, her father, wouldn't be happy. Juliet also reveals to Jack that Ben promised to let her go home since she's been on the island three years, two months and some-odd days. From Posting at TWOP [We went ahead and posted this info because it seems to line up with various other clues that have previously trickled out. Juliet's time on the Island seems to have started around the time of the September 11th attacks.]
1/17/07: Edmund Burke, A Clockwork Orange and A Brief History of Time are said to be referenced. From Entertainment Weekly Article [Edmund Burke was rumored to be the name of the college professor that Juliet spoke to in her flashbacks. There is supposedly a psychodelic-like brainwashing video in the episode, which would be the A Clockwork Orange reference (and yes, the PatriotResource knows that Kubrick's movie was based on the book of the same name). as far as A Brief History of Time, maybe whatever was walled up inside the Hatch behaves like a black hole (afterall, the Hatch imploded) or bends time.]
1/17/07: Toward the end of the episode a character will state exactly how long they have been on the Island. Keeping in mind that it's November 2004 (only a couple months after the crash) on the Island, the stated length of time supposedly corresponds to the date of a real-world event From Entertainment Weekly Article [Everyone is naturally assuming that it'll correspond to September 11, 2001, but that would be too easy, wouldn't it?]
1/17/07: Juliet's flashbacks will "help explain" why she joined the Others. From Elizabeth Mitchell Interview with SciFi Wire [Wouldn't the flashbacks feel pointless if they told us something completely unrelated to what's happening on the Island?]
1/15/07: Ben wakes up during the surgery. Based on Promo pics and National Post Article
1/15/07: Juliet's sister appears in flashback and is expected to sppear again later in the season. From Chicago Tribune Article
1/15/07: Selected Promo Pics from the episode [The 3rd pic seems to indicate that Ben is coming around a little soon.]
1/5/07: In the operating room, Juliet tells Tom to "go get them; kill them if you have to." From Promos
1/5/07: Just outside the operating room, Juliet tells Jack to go back in and save Ben because she's going to help his friends escape. From Promos
1/5/07: Kate doesn't want to leave Jack behind. Jack wants her to promise him that she won't come back for him as she cries. From Promos
1/5/07: Kate and Sawyer climb into a canoe and start paddling away from the beach. From Promos
12/29/06: Kate radios Jack from the beach. She says that they need a boat to get off "this island." Jack turns to Mr. Friendly and wants to know how they get off the island. Just then, the radio is knocked from Kate's hand and breaks up. Sawyer and Kate look up the beach to see Pickett and a couple Others come out. Sawyer and Pickett exchange gunfire. Kate and Sawyer run back into the forest with Pickett and the Others after them. Kate attempts to hide, but turns to see an Other has the drop on her. Before he can shoot, he is knocked down from behind. From Lost Moments - YouTube Link [Kate is likely saved by Alex.]
12/21/06: Jack is in command, as the fate of one of The Others' lives rests in his hand. Meanwhile, Kate and Sawyer find an ally in one of The Others, and Juliet makes a shocking decision that could endanger her standing with her people. From ABC
12/21/06: Karl and Alex appear.
12/13/06: Juliet's flashbacks are set at Miami Central University, including the Medical Research Library. [That's definately not Portland. Two flashbacks in a row set in Miami. Have Kate and Juliet crossed paths before?]
10/27/06: Juliet pulls a gun and shoots someone twice in a scene on the beach made up of Others, Kate and Sawyer. [The shooting may not actually happen during her episode although it is said to be from a February episode]
10/24/06: Ethan appears in a couple of Juliet's flashbacks. One takes place in a large labratory. The other is in a gross anatomy lab stocked with body bags full of dummies. From Honolulu Star Bulletin
10/24/06: Flashbacks also take place outside where she speaks to a man [Edward the arrogant professor?] and then he steps out onto the street and gets hit by a bus, which is adorned with an Apollo candy bar ad.
10/2/06: Episode is said to guest Edward, an egotistical research professor, and Albert, a high tech recruiter.
10/2/06: Added Episode Title

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