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Episode 310 Spoilers: Tricia Tanaka is Dead; A "Hurley" episode; February 28, 2007;
2/28/07: Episode Summary Now Available
2/24/07: Randy, Hurley's Mr. Cluck's manager and Locke's box company boss, appears. From ABC
2/24/07: Speculation based on the promo pics: [(Referencing the new pics in order on the link below)
  • In Pic 1, Vincent's back.
  • In Pic 2, The arm that Vincent found leads Hurley to the Dharma VW van.
  • In Pic 3, Jin and Hurley pull a Dharma 'workman' uniform out of the van. The uniform is labeled "Rogers."
  • In Pic 4, Hurley has convinced Jin and Sawyer to help him tip the van upright.
  • In Pic 5, Hurley celebrates their succeeding in tipping the van upright.
  • In Pic 6, Jin and Sawyer admire their handiwork. Bet that's the Dharma beer in the box that Sawyer is holding.
  • In Pic 7, Hurley looks to be unhappy with Sawyer about something. Is it Rogers? or the beer?
  • In Pic 8, Looks like Jin and Sawyer leaned Rogers up against the upright van (minus the arm that Vincent grabbed) and even outfitted him with a beer.
  • In Pic 9, Jin and Sawyer have gone through quite a few beers.
  • In Pic 10, Jin, Sawyer and Charlie give the van a push as Hurley hopes to pop the van into second gear and start it up.
  • 2/24/07: Additional Selected Promo Pics from the episode - The new pics are all from on-Island scenes. The first batch of pics are located below the newer pics.
    2/24/07: Charlie and Hurley take the van for a wild drive once they get it working. from Preview
    2/24/07: Kate walks into camp with Sayid and Locke. Sayid asks why Jack said not to come back. Kate answers that Jack sacrificed himself and if they went back, it would have been for nothing. Sayid then says that Hurley told them that the Others released Michael. Kate says that they gave Michael a boat and he took Walt and never looked back. Sayid wants to know if she saw any other boats and Kate says that she didn't, but figures that they didn't give away their only boat. Locke wonders if the Others can leave the Island, but Kate isn't sure. Sayid asks if the Others live in that zoo. Kate says that Karl told them that the Others live on "this" Island. She adds that Karl could have taken them to where they live, but Sawyer let him go and ads that Sayid'll have to ask Sawyer why he let Karl go. While they have been talking, Kate has been packing a backpack. When she starts to leave, Sayid wants to know where she's going. She answers that she doesn't care what Jack said. She's going to go back for him, because she owes him. She says that she's going to get help and leaves. Locke calls after her and asks, "Help from who?" Kate doesn't reply. From Preview
    2/24/07: Hurley asks Sawyer, Charlie and Jin's help in starting the van. From Ausiello
    2/17/07: Danielle, Paulo, Nikki, Hurley's Father, Hurley's Mother, Tricia Tanaka and a young Hurley appear. From ABC
    2/17/07: Hurley takes on Charlie as a project in hopes of cheering him up.
    2/10/07: Speculation based on the promo pics: [(Referencing the pics in order on the link below)
  • In Pic 1, Hurley is hunkered down in his bed. This obviously takes place after he's won the lottery.
  • In Pic 2, Hurley is not happy about what they are looking at. His father looks oblivious and his mother, who has the garage door opener in her hand, is looking for his reaction.
  • Is Pic 3 supposed to be a gift? If so, Hurley didn't look grateful in Pic 2.
  • Have no idea what happened to Hurley in Pic 4, but he looks mad while his parents don't seem to be too concerned.
  • In Pic 6, they look to be focused on the golden icon (Jesus?) that is the table's centerpiece.
  • In Pic 7, Hurley's mother appears to be praying to the (Jesus?) icon, while Hurley clearly doesn't want to hear it. Hurley's father looks to just be ignoring both of them as he drinks his beverage.]
  • 2/10/07: Selected Promo Pics from the episode [All the current pics come from Hurley's flashbacks]
    1/30/07: Hurley's discovery of an old, wrecked car on the island leads him on a mission of hope not only for himself, but for a fellow survivor in need of some faith. Meanwhile, Kate and Sawyer reunite with their fellow castaways, but Kate is still torn about leaving Jack behind with "The Others." Episode Description From ABC
    1/26/07: Jin and Sawyer sit beside the van. The skeleton can be seen sitting by the rear wheel. Jin is repeating English phrases to Sawyer ("I'm sorry"; "You were right"; "Those pants don't make you look fat"). Sawyer, who is drinking beer, declares that those are the only three things that women need to hear. From Lost Moments
    1/26/07: Looks like the arm that Vincent brings to the beach in one of the Lost Moments was holding car keys. Charlie, Jin, Hurley and Sawyer can be seen standing in front of a Volkswagon van with a Dharma logo. From Promo
    1/19/07: Hurley and Charlie are down near the beach. Vincent comes out of the jungle, carrying something brown in his mouth. It turns out to be a skeletal arm and hand. The hand appears to have key or piece of jewelry hanging from it. Hurley moves closer to Vincent, who immediately turns around and runs back into the jungle. Hurley starts after Vincent, while Charlie says something sarcastic as decides to stay by the beach. Hurley tells Charlie that if he's not back in three hours, "tell somebody." From Lost Moments
    1/17/07: Hurley will be dealing with Libby's death. This leads into his flashbacks in which he's a kid and interacts with his father. From Jorge Gacia Interview with [Guessing that Tricia Tanaka is central to his flashbacks, paralleling what he's going through over Libby's death.}
    1/2/07: Jack likely won't appear based on Matthew Fox's filming schedule. From Matthew Fox Interview with Australian TV Magazine
    12/21/06: Hurley supposedly finds a junked car on the Island.
    12/21/06: Danielle is back and has one or two scenes with Sayid.
    12/18/06: Hurley decides to invest his new lottery winnings in a Mr. Cluck's Chicken Stand, which is flattened by a meteor the day before the grand re-opening.
    12/18/06: Another guest character might be a reporter.
    12/13/06: Mr. Cluck's Chicken Stand looks to be the setting for some of Hurley's flashbacks.
    12/13/06: Cheech Marin has been cast to appear as Hurley's father in flashbacks.
    12/13/06: Flashbacks may include Hurley's younger "skinny" brother.
    12/13/06: One guest character (the one listed below) is apparently named Dave. [The real Dave?]
    11/11/06: Flashbacks may also include an adolescent (young) Hurley.
    11/4/06: Guest character includs a middle-aged "charming Latino" man. From Secretagentman [That character would seem to fit with a Hurley flashback]
    11/4/06: Added Episode Title
    11/1/06: This is expected to be a Hurley episode.

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