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Episode 317 Spoilers: Catch-22; A "Desmond" Episode; April 18, 2007;
4/14/07: Desmond's vision involves the cable that Sayid and Hurley found back in Season One. From BuddyTV [Does the cable turn out to be tied to the underwater sonar beacon?]
4/12/07: Desmond's flashbacks will not deal with his time in the military. From DarkUFO
4/12/07: The Penny Widmore search for Desmond from the Season 2 finale will be picked up and there will be an on-island revelation about it that will shake the audience. From Lost - The Official Magazine
4/12/07: Penny Widmore appears. Naomi, a new recurring character, makes her first appearance. Flashback characters include Derek, Ruth, Brother Campbell and "older monk." From ABC
4/12/07: Desmond coaxes Charlie, Hurley and Jin on a trek across the jungle after experiencing one of his future-prophesizing "flashes" -- but is he purposely placing Charlie's life in harm's way? Meanwhile, Kate turns to an unwitting Sawyer after seeing Jack alone with Juliet. From ABC
3/16/07: Added episode title.
2/27/07: Penny appears in one of his flashbacks. From Kristin
2/24/07: Shooting for one of Desmond's flashbacks took place at the same cathedral used in Charlie's 1st season flashback and Eko's flashback. Shooting took place outside and in a doorway. Desmond could be seen a in long gray robe speaking to another man in a black robe and skull cap [Theodore?]. At one point, Desmond knelt down and looked to be ready to receive communion.
2/24/07: Desmond's flashback was real and was not a dream. The flashback was set in 1996. If Desmond had not come to the Island, everyone would have died. Desmond's next flashback should show him in the military. From Lost Podcast
2/17/07: The recurring character that secretagentman previously reported starting in this has been narrowed to European or Asian and looks to have a two week (2 episodes?) stay. From Chicago Actor
2/24/07: Karl's next appearance won't be until an April episode. The actor is returning to Hawaii next week for filming and this episodes seems likely. From Blake Bashoff's Official Website
2/17/07: Guest Cast include 50-year old Theodore, Scottish 20-something Ruth, who is strong and beautiful with sad eyes and Scottish 20-something Kenneth, who is working class and "quick to throw a punch." From BuddyTV
1/6/07: Casting is out for a "Female, mid 20's to 30. Tough, fit, very intelligent. Not American." The character would appear starting in episode 17 and through the end of the season. From secretagentman [One assumes that they want a non-American character to keep the diversity up.]

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