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Episode 311 Spoilers: Enter 77; A "Sayid" episode; March 7, 2007;
3/7/07: Episode Summary Now Available
3/3/07: Alone in the jungle, Sayid hears something. He grabs the rifle and finds that he was hearing a cow and its cowbell. Someone whistles and the cow wonders off. Peeking through the underbrush, Sayid sees Eye-patch put the cow in a pen and head for the blue house next to the pen. | Locke and Sayid talk as a saddled horse is seen. Sayid says that he's circled the house and found it to be isolated. He hands the binoculars to Locke, who takes a look. Kate asks Sayid about his having seen the man before. Sayid says he saw him on the video feed from the Pearl station. Kate wants to know who he is. Sayid says that there's only one way to find out. As Locke and Rousseau look on, Sayid gives Kate the rifle. He says that he's going to ask him and figures that he'll feel less threatened if Sayid is unarmed. If Eye-patch still feels threatened, then they can cover him from here. | Sayis walks in the clearing with his hands up. From Preview
3/3/07: Jin, Hurley, Sun, Charlie, Paulo and Nikki are looking around the ping-pong table. Sawyer walks up with the ball, but he won't give it back. He wants his stuff back. Nikki points out that it wasn't his stuff. Sawyer replies that it was his stuff when he "took it" and he wonders who she even is. He then offers to let them play him for it. He wants one game against their best player and when he wins, he wants his "stash" back. Hurley wants to know what happens if he loses. Sawyer doesn't think that'll happen, but says that he can "name it." Jin and Sun talk in Korean. Sawyer refers to them as Crouching Tiger & Hidden Dragon. She says that if he loses, then he can't use any nicknames for a week. Sawyer agrees to it, says he'll be back in an hour and returns the ball. From Preview
3/3/07: Sayid walks up to the house alone and unarmed. Eye-patch shoots him. Kate and Locke immediately rush in and disarm Eye-Patch. Sayid is only wounded. From CDN Promo
3/3/07: Flashes back to Sayid's time in Paris where he encounters someone from his past work as a torturer. A cat from his past (much like Kate's horse?) appears on the Island. From Ausiello
2/28/07: After they had captured him, Eye Patch (Mikhail Bakunin) fights off Locke, Kate and Sayid before being recaptured by Sayid. In the station, there is another computer with a chess game and another orientation video with Dr. Candle. Locke triggers a manual override and attempts to open mainland communications. From Promo
2/27/07: Amira Is described as "having been tortured" in Sayid's past. From Town Crier Online
2/17/07: Speculation based on the promo pics: [(Referencing the pics in order on the link below)
  • In Pic 1, Kate and Sayid enter the Flame station, armed.
  • In Pic 2, In the Flame station, Kate and Sayid look to have spotted something.
  • In Pic 3, Kate and Sayid look alarmed enough to have raised their weapons.
  • In Pic 4, Sayid looks to be consulting his paper to see if he's found the place he's looking for.
  • In Pic 5, Sayid walks off, possibly from the same place as in Pic 4. what's interesting is the figure in the background who is watching Sayid.
  • In Pic 6, Sayid talks with Sami, who resumably is the Iraqi owner of the Paris restaurant. Sayid's already working for Sami because Sayid is in his kitchen whites.
  • In Pic 7, in the restaurant's kitchen, Sayid talks with one of the cooks.
  • 2/17/07: Selected Promo Pics from the episode
    2/17/07: Danielle, Paulo, Nikki, Mrs. Klugh, Mikhail Bakunin (Eye Patch) and Dr. Candle appear. Sami and Amira also appears in Sayid's flashbacks. From ABC [Mikhail was briefly seen by Locke, Sayid, Nikki and Paulo on the tv monitor shortly before Eko's death.]
    2/17/07: Locke, Sayid and Kate investigate a strange structure and its mysterious inhabitant. Meanwhile, Sawyer competes in a ping-pong competition to get back his belongings. Episode Description From ABC
    2/10/07: The Flame station is revealed. From Entertainment Weekly Article
    2/10/07: The connection between Dharma and the Others will be revealed. From Entertainment Weekly Article
    1/29/07: According to Lindelof and Cuse, Sayid's episode will be satisfying because he asks all the questions that the fan want answered. From TV Guide Article [Just because he's asking them doesn't mean there will be answers or answers that will be satisfying.]
    1/2/07: Jack likely won't appear based on Matthew Fox's filming schedule. From Matthew Fox Interview with Australian TV Magazine
    12/13/06: Hurley and other survivors play a game on the beach.
    12/13/06: Danielle is back and has one or two scenes with Sayid. [Update: This probably actually takes place in Episode 10.]
    12/13/06: Guest stars include an Iraqi couple that own a restaurant in Paris. From Secretagentman
    12/13/06: Added Episode Title

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