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Episode 320 Spoilers: The Man Behind the Curtain; A "Ben" Episode; May 9, 2007;
4/24/07: Naomi, Mr. Friendly/Tom, Richard Alpert, Alex and Mikhail appear. Other characters that likely appear in flashbacks include young Ben, Roger Linus, Emily, Horace, Olivia and Anne. From ABC [So it turns out that Roger the Workman is Roger Linus, father of Ben Linus.]
4/24/07: Ben begrudgingly begins to introduce Locke to the secrets of the island, beginning with the mysterious Jacob. Meanwhile, Juliet's secret goes public. From ABC
4/22/07: Ben may not even be Ben. From Kristen
4/22/07: Dr. Marvin Candle's lost arm will be explained. From The TailSection
4/22/07: There will be five deaths in the last four episodes. From Ausiello
4/22/07: We'll meet Ben's mother and father and learn about the "origins of the Island." From Kristin
4/14/07: A known character will turn out to have been part of the Dharma Initiative. From Entertainment Weekly [If it turns out to be Ben, then that would be a letdown.]
4/14/07: Roger and his VW van (bright and shiny) appear in the flashbacks. From DarkUFO
4/14/07: The flashbacks will show Ben at various stages of life. From Kristin [This falls in line with earlier rumors that indicated that some of the flashbacks would be set in the 70's when the Dharma Initiative was going strong and Ben previously has said that he was born on the Island.]
4/14/07: This episode will have Ben flashbacks. From Ain't It Cool News
4/12/07: Danielle appears. From Zlatna
4/12/07: Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof stated that more would be learned about the DeGroots', which would seem to confirm what has been rumored about the episode. From Official Lost Podcast
4/12/07: Added the episode title.
3/25/07: Murky spoilers and resulting speculation seem to leave Episodes 19, 20 and 22 as flashbacks for Sawyer, Jack and Ben. Not sure what order or if all three are indeed true.
3/25/07: This is a Sawyer flashback. From The Fuselage [This contradicts secretagentman's comment that it's a '70's flashback, although the source isn't sure about the .]
3/25/07: The characters' actual names are not Horace and Olivia, but cover names since the real names would be spoilers. From DarkUFO [DarkUFO further speculates that this could mean that they are the Degroots, which TPR would agree with.]
3/24/07: Features Horace, a scientist/mathematician and Olivia, an attractive elementary school teacher. Both embody a 'hippie' idealism. Olivia could reappear in future episodes. Not sure if it's just speculation on his part, but secretagentman adds that this is a "hippie" flashback set in the '70's. From secretagentman

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