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Episode 314 Spoilers: Exposé; A "Nikki/Paulo" Episode; March 28, 2007;
3/28/07: Episode Summary Now Available
3/25/07: Nikki and Paulo have apparently been spending their time on the Island looking for diamonds. Once they find them, Nikki arranges that Paulo is bitten by a spider that brings on paralysis that feigns death. She had learned of the spider from Arzt. However, she gets bitten as well. When the other survivors find them, they are presumed dead and buried alive. From DarkUFO
3/24/07: Charlie, Jin, Sawyer, Hurley and Sun kneel around someone [likely Nikki]. Paulo swims around in shallow water looking for something. What looks like a safe door is slammed shut. Locke tells Jack that everyone has secrets. Nikki runs through the jungle. Nikkie digs with her hands. Sawyer tells Jin that he thinks that they [likely Paul and Nikki] were working with the Others. Sun has learned of Sawyer's involvement in her "kidnapping." However, she hasn't told Jin because she know he would kill Sawyer. She then appears to hit/slap him, but he's already digging a grave. There are also quick shots of someone pouring diamonds into their hands and two people lying side-by-side in a grave and dirt being thrown on from their perspective. From ABC Preview
3/24/07: A big mythological question will be answered in the episode. From Lost Podcast [Which one? There are so many. And what do they consider 'big'?]
3/17/07: Speculation based on the promo pics: [(Referencing the pics in order on the link below)
  • In Pics 1-3, Paulo looks to be taking something out of a bag. Then Locke walks up and whatever Paulo was taking out isn't visible. Lastly, Locke walks away while the figurine that had been between Paulo's legs is gone as he appears to be praying, which is probably for Locke's benefit.
  • In Pic 4, Nikki looks to be either hiding or retrieving that little black bag.
  • In Pic 5, Nikki walks up to Hurley and Sawyer who look very concerned. Notice that she has the same tote bag that was near her in pic #4.
  • In Pic 6, Nikki has been inserted into the crash site as Shannon screams.
  • In Pic 7, Nikki finds a stunned Dr. Arzt at the crash site.
  • In Pic 8, Nikki and Paulo talk with Ethan the night of the crash. Innocent chit-chat? Or something more sinister?
  • In Pic 9, Hurley, Nikki, Paulo, Dr. Arzt, Ethan and the other silent survivors (Scott/Steve are probably in there too) presumably listen to the monster the night of the crash.
  • In Pic 10, Boone seems to be pretty intense with Nikki. Perhap, he thought she was Shannon.
  • In Pic 11, Nikki and Paulo find each other the day of the crash. This presumably confirms that they knew each other before crashing on the Island.
  • In Pics 12-14, Biology teacher Arzt studies the insect-life and even shows his spider to Nikki. Is there a clue that will be mentioned in his observations?
  • In Pic 15, Nikki seems very upset, although Claire looks upset as well, at the sight of the Hatch (Swan station) door crashing into camp after the Hatch (Swan station) implosion.
  • In Pic 16, Kate, Sawyer and Alex look at something. This promo pic (and another of just Alex) seems to belong with episode 307 (Not in Portland) since Kate is off at Othersville during the episode. Also, Alex isn't listed amongst the guest cast. If she were listed in the guest cast, then it could fit with another on-island flashback, but we find that scenario highly unlikely.
  • 3/17/07: Selected Promo Pics from the episode
    3/17/07: A fan who visited the set noticed a new grave had been dug. [Paulo's grave?]
    3/17/07: A clip from a flashback appears to show Nikki dancing as a stripper. From GMA ABC promo
    3/13/07: Added episode title.
    3/13/07: Nikki, Paulo, Ethan, Boone, Shannon and Dr. Arzt (misspelled Artz in the Official ABC Press Release) appear. Other guest characters include Mr. LaShade (Billy Dee Williams) and Howard L. Zukerman. From ABC
    3/13/07: Hurley begins to suspect that Sawyer may be involved in an island mystery surrounding two fellow survivors. Sun learns the truth about her past kidnapping attempt by "The Others." From ABC
    2/24/07: More animals will be seen and at least one flashback is of the plane crashing. From Dustin Watchman (Scott/Steve)
    2/17/07: Damon Lindelof says that they didn't get to "fully execute" the introduction of Nikki and Paulo, but the flashback will make them "iconic characters." [From Entertainment Weekly Article]
    2/10/07: Location shooting took place at a Hawaii gentlemen's club. [Other than the episode's anticipated air date, no clues were dropped about the scene.]
    2/10/07: Nikki and Paulo met under "unusual circumstances and have been "busy" with their own issues on the Island until lately. From ABC Promo
    1/29/07: Flashback characters include Mr. Zuckerman, a 70-ish wealthy Australian TV producer with ex-wives, a wife and a young girlfriend from one of his current shows. From secretagentman [Sounds a lot like the late Aaron Spelling. Wonder if Nikki turns out to be his current girlfriend.]
    1/26/07: Shannon appears. From Dustin Watchman (Scott/Steve)
    1/20/07: Boone appears. From Aint It Cool News [This corroborates with Carlton Cuse's comment that dead characters would be appearing in an episode.]
    1/20/07: Locke apparently blows up the submarine. From Aint It Cool News [Guess that would take care of the main transportation to the second island.]
    1/15/07: More will be learned about Nikki and Paulo. From Chicago Tribune Article [Just in time for what likely will be Paulo's final appearance since the actor is pursuing his film career.]
    1/8/07: Paulo apparently won's survive the season and his final scenes may be filmed this month (January), which would put them between episodes 11-14. From Rodrigo Santoro Portuguese-language Interview with Fohla Online [His possible final appearance looks to be around the time that has been hinted as there being a big change.]

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