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Episode 306 Spoilers: I Do; A "Kate" episode; November 8, 2006
11/8/06: Episode Summary Now Available
11/7/06: Jack operates on Ben, but Ben's survival will not be settled in this episode. [Another hanging thread. No surprise there.]
11/7/06: Kate picks Sawyer (and not Jack) and things get very physically amorous between them.
11/4/06: Locke finds a message that may hint at everyone's fate. [Bet it's something on Eko's Jesus stick which Locke will take as gospel after Eko's "We're next" message after being fatally injured by the smoke monster]
11/4/06: Sawyer tells Kate that there are two Islands and since they are on the second one, there is no point in trying to escape. They start to argue and then start tearing each other's clothes off [as seen in the previews]
11/4/06: Locke and Sayid are in the woods where Locke finds Eko's Jesus stick, which he had been looking for.
11/4/06: Jack looks over some medical test results as Ben and Juliet stand nearby. Jack says that the tumor is aggressive and will be completely inoperable in one week. He says that Ben needed to be in surgery "yesterday." Jack asks if the operating room is fully operational and Juliet says that it is. They start to move to get ready. Jack says that he hasn't said he'll do the surgery because he doesn't trust them. He was just telling Ben how to expect to die. Ben says he's disappointed. Jack says he won't have to be for long. From Previews [This scene seems to precede the scene between Kate and Jack.]
11/4/06: Juliet brings Kate to see Jack. She then leaves them alone. They have a tearful reunion. Kate says that Jack has to do what they've asked him to or they'll kill Sawyer. Juliet apparently has told her that they will be let go if Jack does "it." Jack is surprised the Kate believes them. She has no choice. He gets angry, looks at the surveillence camera and says that they are done. Kate gets nearly hysterical as she pleads with Jack. From Previews
11/1/06: The episode ends with a cliffhanger to carry into the mid-season break.
10/27/06: Kate finally chooses between Jack and Sawyer. [Episode 304 was just a tease.]
10/23/06: The Marshal is back in Kate's flashback. Survivors Nikki and Paulo appear. [Danny] Pickett, Mr. Friendly and Alex appear.
10/21/06: Jack makes a decision regarding Ben's offer; Kate feels helpless when it looks like Pickett is going to make good on his threat to kill Sawyer; Locke discovers a hidden message that may guide him through the next steps of his journey to unlocking the secrets of the island. From ABC
10/17/06: Added Episode Title
10/17/06: Nathan Fillion (Firefly) plays Kate's husband in flashbacks in this episode and possibly one more episode this season.
10/10/06: Kate apparently was married as flashback scenes look to include a wedding.
10/2/06: On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Evangeline Lilly stated that this episode would be a Kate episode.

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