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Episode 313 Spoilers: The Man From Tallahassee; A "Locke" episode; March 21, 2007;
3/21/07: Episode Summary Now Available
3/17/07: A series of Jack and Kate clips from previous episodes is first shown. Jack plays the piano as Kate sneaks in. He tells her that he asked her not to come back for him and he wishes that she hadn't [come back for him]. In what looks to be out in the jungle somewhere, Jack tells her that he will "come back here for you." From ABC Promo
3/17/07: A series of Locke clips from previous episodes is first shown. Locke stands with his hands up as there is an explosion behind him to which Locke doesn't react. Ben tells Locke that he knows Locke spent four years in a wheelchair and how he ended up in the wheelchair. From ABC Promo
3/17/07: As Locke says that it's going to be more complicated than they thought, Jack is seen calmly shaking hands with Ben. Kate checks the gun and says that they came to rescue Jack and that's what she's going to do. Sayid points out that Jack may not want to be rescued. Kate disagrees. Kate has snuck in and Jack, who looks to be sitting at a piano, sees her. He tells her that she needs to "get out of here, right now." Kate is bound, shoved to the floor and a gun is pointed at her. She's asked who else is with her and Jack says to "just answer the question." Locke has found Ben in a hospital bed. Locke has his gun trained on Ben. He tells Ben that he's not looking for Jack, but rather the submarine. From Canadian Promo
3/13/07: Alex, Danielle, Tom, Richard Alpert and Anthony Cooper appear. Other guest characters include Peter Talbot, Mrs. Talbot, Detective Reed, Detective Mason, William Kincaid, government worker and Ryan Pryce appear. From ABC
3/13/07: Ben tries to persuade a determined Locke to call off his destructive plan by offering him some of the secrets of the island, and Kate's reunion with Jack does not go off as planned when she discovers that he has made a deal with "The Others." From ABC
3/3/07: Ben offers to give Locke some of the island's secrets if he calls off his destructive plan; Kate discovers that Jack has made a deal with the Others From CHS-TV
3/3/07: Kristin is predicting a crossover with another character in Locke's flashback. [This is probably more speculation than actual spoiler.]
2/24/07: Added the episode title.
2/17/07: The Others' submarine is discovered. From Entertainment Weekly Article
2/17/07: Juliet pushes Ben around in a wheelchair. From Entertainment Weekly Article
2/10/07: Kate tells Sayid and Locke that they can't leave Jack behind. The three of them are then armed and attacking "Othersville." From ABC Promo
2/10/07: Apparently, Jack tosses a football around with Tom (Mr. Friendly) in a scene. From Entertainment Weekly Article [That contradicts a previous spoiler that Jack might not appear.]
1/26/07: A flashback scene takes place at a Beverly Hills florist. Locke apparently was following his father, who stopped in to buy flowers. From DarkUFO
1/15/07: Carlton Cuse disclosed that Locke's wheelchair would be explained soon after the season restarted. From ATST Panel
1/2/07: Jack may not appear based on Matthew Fox's filming schedule. From Matthew Fox Interview with Australian TV Magazine
12/13/06: Jack Bender (Executive Producer/Director) mentioned that he's prepping a Locke episode.
12/13/06: Guest stars include two homicide detectives from Orange County From Secretagentman

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