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Season 3 Spoilers: Lost Moments
2/3/06: Moment #13 - As Jack sits in his cage, a previously unseen female Other reads Jack's tattoes. She thinks that the '5' and the stars are "very cute," but she finds the Chinese writing "ironic" in what it says. she then asks Jack if he knows what it says. YouTube Link
2/3/06: Moment #12 - As he paddles the boat, Sawyer sings a drinking song. Kate isn't paddling. She turns to Sawyer and tells him to stop, because they have to go back. Sawyer argues that they just escape, but Kate says that they can't leave Jack behind. YouTube Link
1/26/06: Moment #11 - Jin and Sawyer sit beside the van. The skeleton can be seen sitting by the rear wheel. Jin is repeating English phrases to Sawyer ("I'm sorry"; "You were right"; "Those pants don't make you look fat"). Sawyer, who is drinking beer, declares that those are the only three things that women need to hear. YouTube Link
1/19/06: Moment #10 - Hurley and Charlie are down near the beach. Vincent comes out of the jungle, carrying something brown in his mouth. It turns out to be a skeletal arm and hand. The hand appears to have key or piece of jewelry hanging from it. Hurley moves closer to Vincent, who immediately turns around and runs back into the jungle. Hurley starts after Vincent, while Charlie says something sarcastic as decides to stay by the beach. Hurley tells Charlie that if he's not back in three hours, "tell somebody." YouTube Link
1/15/06: Moment #9 - On the beach, Hurley slaps Charlie. Hurley tells him to "snap out of it." He says that he has a plan, but there is a chance that he'll die. Charlie says that not a great way to convince him to come. Hurley says that if he doesn't die, then "we win." YouTube Link
1/5/06: Moment #8 - In a flashback for his episode (309), Jack is sleeping in what looks to be a shack. Achara enters and without saying a word, she strips and climbs into bed with him. They roll around and end up rolling off the bed onto the floor. YouTube Link
12/28/06: Moment #7 - As Jack tends to Ben, Tom asks Jack if Juliet really asked Jack to kill Ben. Jack stops and looks at Tom. Tom takes that as acknowledgement. He then continues and says that the only reason why Jack is still alive is because of the surgery. Tom says that if Jack lets Ben die, then he'll die. Jack answers that he's ready to take his chances. Tom looks mildly surprised. YouTube Link
12/21/06: Moment #6 - Kate radios Jack from the beach. She says that they need a boat to get off "this island." Jack turns to Tom (Mr. Friendly) and wants to know how they get off the island. Just then, the radio is knocked from Kate's hand and breaks up. Sawyer and Kate look up the beach to see Pickett and a couple Others come out. Sawyer and Pickett exchange gunfire. Kate and Sawyer run back into the forest with Pickett and the Others after them. Kate attempts to hide, but turns to see an Other has the drop on her. Before he can shoot, he is knocked down from behind. YouTube Link
12/14/06: Moment #5 - Jack wakes up in Sawyer's old cell. He finds several people are standing around, looking at him. Cindy walks over to Jack and pleasantly greets him. It takes him a moment to place her and then asks what they are all doing. She says that they are there to watch. Jack asks her how she ended up with them. She says it's not like that and not that simple. Jack basically freaks out and yells that if they have something to watch, then go watch. YouTube Link
12/7/06: Moment #4 - Desmond sprints down to the beach and jumps into the water. Sayid, Locke, Hurley and Charlie come up and wonder what he's doing. Locke notices that someone else is in the water. Charlie looks over to see Sun holding Aaron. He asks where Claire is and then he realizes. He runs down to the water's edge where Desmond is carrying Claire out of the surf. YouTube Link
11/30/06: Moment #3 - In Sawyer's tent, Charlie is going through his stuff. Hurley is there as well, but isn't sure that it's a good idea. Charlie says that Sawyer stole the stuff in the first place and people need what he has stashed away. They are interrupted by an anxious-looking Desmond, who tells them they both need to come with him. YouTube Link
11/23/06: Moment #2 - Down by the beach, Locke is ready to do some spear fishing. Hurley comes along and wants to know if Desmond has some superpowers. He says the Fantastic Four got them when they were blasted by radiation. He wants to know what happened to Desmond after the Hatch exploded. Locke tells him that he saw Desmond running in the jungle and wants to know if that's a superpower. Hurley steps closer and says that "future-seeing is." YouTube Link
11/16/06: Moment #1 - Charlie argues with Desmond over what he's doing. Charlie says he not a coward and wants to know what happened. Desmond flips out and they start fighting. He tells Charlie that he doesn't want to know what happened. YouTube Link

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