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Episode 318 Spoilers: D.O.C.; A "Jin/Sun" Episode; April 25, 2007;
4/14/07: The ending of the episode is said to be such as to cause fans to re-evaluate their theories. From Entertainment Weekly [Wonder if this has to do with the secure vault/station that Juliet and Sun can be seen opening in promos.]
4/14/07: The "unlikely nemesis" that Desmond allows to save Naomi is Mikhail. From Buddy TV [This falls in line with the Mikhail sighting in the promo.]
4/14/07: Mikhail appears to be alive. From Promos [The Mikhail scenes could have come from one of Locke's recent on-Island flashback, but we hope he's still around.]
4/12/07: Sun learns what has happened to the other pregnant women on the Island . Sun has a "secret feat" from Jin that will be revealed. Flashbacks will show them as newlyweds and where Jin was at before he started working for Mr. Paik. From Lost - The Official Magazine
4/12/07: Naomi makes her second appearance. Mr. Paik and Mr. Kwon appear in the flashbacks. Mikhail also appears, presumably in a flashback, but who knows. Other flashback characters include. Flashback characters include Paik's assistance, Paik's secretary and "older woman." From ABC
4/12/07: After discovering that all of "The Others'" pregnant women died before giving birth on the island, an extremely reticent Sun allows Juliet to examine her -- and uncovers the identity of the unborn child's father. Meanwhile, Desmond allows an unlikely nemesis to help save the life of a new, mysterious island inhabitant. From ABC
3/25/07: Daniel Dae Kim confirmed this as a "Jin" episode and also indicated that all the footage from the episode had been lost and he had to reshoot everything. From Daniel Dae Kim's MySpace page
3/24/07: Locke and his father will not reappear for five weeks. When they do, it'll help set the stage for the season-ending climax. Five weeks would likely indicate this episode. From LA Times
3/16/07: Added episode title.
3/13/07: Flashback scene was filmed where Sun walked up to a middle-aged Asian woman who was waiting by a canal. She hands the woman an envelope. The woman starts to open it, but Sun stops her, firmly pushed it into the woman's hands and walks away. [Blackmailed over her affair with Jae Lee?]
2/27/07: Confirmed as a "Jin" episode. From secretagentman
2/24/07: Since Episode 316 looks like Juliet episode, dropped the Jin/Sun episode to episode 318.
2/24/07: The father of Sun's baby will be revealed this season. From Lindelof & Cuse Interview with Kristin [Whether it'll be in their flashback episode hasn't been stated, but would seem a likely time.]
2/17/07: By process of elimination and the April date, we're guessing that this is the Juliet flashback.
2/3/07: Yunjin Kim said that a Sun/Jin flashback is coming up. From Yunjin Kim Interview with CanMag [We'll take a guess for now that their flashback goes with this episode.]

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