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Episode 203 Spoilers: Chuck vs. the Break-Up; 10/13/2008
10/13/08: Here's some notes on the episode. We haven't included every detail and purposely left out some of the lighter moments since that's what we consider the heart of the show and don't find any point to spoiling them. The episode opens with a flashback of Bryce and Sarah posing as a married couple back when they were dating. Shortly after his appearance at Sarah's door (which ended the previous episode), Chuck is back at home. He tells Ellie and Awesome that her ex is in town, but it's no big deal. The mission comes together with Bryce and Sarah reprising their amorous married couple cover, while Chuck is a waiter. Later, Ellie was going to the Orange, Orange to ask Sarah to be her bridesmaid, but she spots the back of Bryce and that they are holding hands. At the party later, Chuck gets so distracted and jealous that Chuck spills wine on Von Hayes and then drops the bottle altogether, which prompts Hayes to fire him. Chuck manages to sneak back in and flash on where Hayes has the chip as well as the Fulcrum agent that was attempting to secure the chip. Chuck gets caught by the Fulcrum agent so Sarah goes to save him and Bryce goes after Hayes. The chase ends with a bomb being set. Sarah pushes Chuck out of the way. At the hospital, Awesome and Bryce talk and Awesome tells him that he knows how Sarah and Chuck look at each other and that they are serious. Later, Bryce talks to Chuck telling him that he's concerned that Sarah's feelings for Chuck will get in the way of her doing her job. Thanks to Captain Awesome, Chuck ends up negotiating a deal with Von Hayes for the chip. At the agreed exchange, Fulcrum thugs crash the meet and the Fulcrum agent grabs Chuck again. Casey takes off after Von Hayes and the money while Bryce is forced to hand over the chip. Just then, Sarah turns up but hesitates to take the shot because she's afraid she'll hit Chuck. Casey returns just in time with both Von Hayes and the money. Chuck and Bryce talk and Bryce points out Sarah's hesitation and how it could have gotten them all killed. He then reassure Chuck by telling him that he always does the right thing. Just before Bryce leaves, he tells Chuck that he'll need his glasses since he's on his way to being a real spy. Later, Chuck tells Sarah that she's all he ever wanted, but that he's also a normal guy that wants a normal life and that Sarah will never fit into that because she's extraordinary. Sarah is quietly hurt, but understanding. Back in his room, Chuck tries on Bryce's glasses and gets an Intersect update for his troubles. Last scene has Morgan stepping into the cage with the Mighty Jocks, but Anna comes in and beats up the Mighty Jock. Chuck and Casey are watching as well. Casey calls about a background check on Anna and suggests that he might have a candidate agent, which prompts Chuck to say, "No." From [So the love fest of the first two episodes gets halted somewhat like the first season. We'll see how they work through this bump in the road. The bigger story development is the possibility of Anna becoming an agent and part of the "team." This explains some of the spoilers involving Anna that have already come out from later episodes.]
10/12/08: Bryce and Sarah dance and kiss. Chuck ducks as shooting breaks out. Chuck sees Sarah in her red dress lying on the ground, apparently shot. From NBC Promo
10/12/08: Additional guest stars include Steve Valentine as Von Hayes and Roberto Sanchez as a Columbian Cartel Boss. From IMDB
10/12/08: Bryce is trying to beat Fulcrum to a decrypted chip in the hands of a man named Von Hayes. Sarah is taken out of commission and Chuck has to negotiate with Hayes for the microchip. From
10/12/08: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Sarah and Bryce.

Bryce and Sarah.

Bryce whispering sweet nothings to Sarah.

Chuck's on the spot with Von Hayes.
[This looks like where he gets fired from his undercover waiter gig.]

10/11/08: While undercover as a waiter, Chuck's jealousy over Bryce and Sarah's flirting causes him to get distracted, make a scene and get fired. From
9/29/08: Chuck is overcome with jealousy when his nemesis Bryce Larkin - and Sarah's ex-lover and partner - makes an unexpected return. Chuck and Sarah's growing feelings for each other are tested when their latest mission requires Sarah and Bryce to pose as an extremely affectionate couple. Meanwhile, Morgan faces his own challenge at Buy More when he must deal with a gang of bullies, from a neighboring sporting goods store in the strip mall called, the Mighty Jocks led by the fearful Mitt (Guest star Michael Strahan). From NBC
9/29/08: Added Episode title. From NBC