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Episode 204 Spoilers: Chuck vs. the Cougars; 10/20/2008
10/18/08: There's a flashback to a younger, less refined looking Sarah. She's pulling up to her house when she sees that her father is being arrested. She takes off and ends up digging up a box by a tree. It's full of money left by her father. Back at the Buy More, Sarah notices a girl watching them and so she takes Chuck underground the Orange, Orange. When she comes back out, the girl is there and says she remembers Sarah from high school. When Chuck hears this, he joins the conversation hoping to hear about Sarah's past. The girl, Heather, remembers her name as Jenny Burton. Chuck chats Heather up who asks if Sarah is going to their reunion. Heather's husband Mark comes in and Chuck sets up a dinner date. Chuck flashes on the husband. Later, they meet with the general and Sarah wants to sit the mission out since her cover is blown, but the general insists on her going through with it. At the dinner date, Heather makes fun of Sarah and asks her how her father is which of course upsets Sarah. Mark goes to the bathroom where some goons threaten him. Chuck shows up and gets in the middle and then Casey comes in and cleans up the mess, but Mark never sees Casey so Chuck takes credit and says he's a secret agent. Later, the learn that Mark is supposed to turn over some plans and they tell him to go through with the meet at the reunion. At the reunion, a guy that Sarah had already had a flashback about hits on her and after Chuck flashes on him, they bust him for drugs. It turns out that Heather is the one setting her husband up and she calls for help to get rid of Chuck and her husband. Sarah and Heather fight in the locker room and of course Sarah wins. Back her aparment, Chuck shows up and they talk about how she used to be normal. Sarah flashes back to how a CIA agent approached her and told her that he had her father arrested to save his life because he scammed someone he shouldn't have. He then recruits her to be an agent. Sarah agrees tell Chuck one thing about her past, but Chuck decides that he doesn't need to know about her past to share a meal with her. From [So her name being Jenny Burton and being from San Diego are probably no more real than the name Sarah Walker is since she grew up moving around with her father taking different names.]
10/15/08: Heather is married to a nerd (played by Ben Savage) and she has some harsh comments about nerds to which Sarah takes exception. From Kristin
10/14/08: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Chuck onstage at Sarah's reunion.

Heather and Sarah fighting in the locker room.

Bloody Heather's got a gun and she doesn't look happy.

Sarah's got a gun.
[This pic actually looks like it might come before the 2nd and 3rd pics above].
[Her name tag also looks to have the last name 'Burton'.]

Casey's gone to the reunion too.. [and it doesn't look he's a waiter or bartender this time.].

Chuck's taken center stage at the reunion.

Heather [Chandler] Ratner and her high school clique back together.

Another priceless Chuck reaction.

Chuck and ... [that looks like Ben Savage].

10/11/08: Chuck finds out Sarah's real name. From
9/29/08: Chuck learns more about Sarah's past when they run into her old high school nemesis Heather Chandler (guest star Nicole Richie). Sarah's teenage insecurities come to surface and she tries to avoid Heather at all costs. Chuck, on the other hand, does everything he can to hear more about Sarah's hidden life. When Heather's nerdy husband Mark turns out to be a key player in a new mission, the agents must attend Sarah's high school reunion to prevent the sale of potentially dangerous super-bomber plans - all the action ends with the ultimate cat fight. Meanwhile, Big Mike leaves town for a day and Buy More's new assistant manager Lester decides to implement a new sales policy. From NBC
9/29/08: Added Episode title. From NBC