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Episode 218 Spoilers: Chuck vs. the Broken Heart; 3/30/2009
3/3/09: CHUCK AND SARAH'S RELATIONSHIP PUTS SARAH'S JOB IN JEOPARDY - TRICIA HELFER GUEST STARS - When Chuck expresses his feelings about his complicated relationship with Sarah, a heartless female agent named Alex Forrest (guest star Tricia Helfer) is sent to evaluate Sarah's performance as Chuck's handler. Morgan, Jeff and Lester try to weasel their way into getting invited to Awesome's bachelor party. From NBC
2/28/09: Tricia Helfer's special agent Alex Forrest is "much more like Casey." Helfer "worried less about showing dimensions to [Alex] because that was the humor about the character. She is so one-note emotionalist." Alex "may have a little thing for Casey at the end of the episode." Though Helfer has not been asked about reprising the role, the episode was "open-ended" and she would consider returning "not on a regular basis." From Comedy Centric [Sure does sound like Forrest is an (obviously) attractive female version of Casey. It would be fun for Casey to have an occasional romantic rival in Helfer's character.]
2/17/09: Tricia Helfer's special agent is "charged with one very sexy mission: She must pose as a stripper to distract Chuck's studly future brother-in-law, ''Captain Awesome'', in an attempt to swipe the good doc's hospital key card" at his bachelor party. From
11/22/08: According to Tricia Helfer, Agent Forrest is "trigger-happy" and kills a couple people in the episode. She also butts heads with Sarah, but Sarah "gets her back." From ET Canada
11/22/08: "Tricia Helfer has been cast on Chuck as Special Agent Alex Forrest, a by-the-book ass-kicker and a potential replacement for Sarah... General Beckman -- who has been growing increasingly concerned about Chuck and Sarah's intensifying bond -- considers bringing in a new G-woman to work alongside Chuck. Enter Agent Forrest, who shows no fear, no remorse and, much to Agent Casey's delight, is very easy on the eyes." From Ausiello