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Episode 215 Spoilers: Chuck vs. the Beefcake; 3/2/2009
2/27/09: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Jeff and Lester's version of the casting couch.

Jeff has several Sports Illustrated swimsuit models lined up.

2/17/09: Chuck and the team work with Cole to bring down a Fulcrum team. From SciFi Wire
2/14/09: Because the 2/9/09 episode was pre-empted by President Obama, this episode has been moved back a week.
1/31/09: Appearing in two episodes, Cole Barker (Jonathan Cake) is the handsome British spy who "captures Sarah's fancy" and that she has to seduce. From Chicago Tribune
1/30/09: Chuck breaks up with Sarah after Ellie's urging, but jealousy strikes when Sarah must seduce a handsome agent in order to retrieve Fulcrum intelligence. Morgan deals with his mother's relationship with Big Mike by crashing at Chuck's apartment much to Ellie and Awesome's chagrin. Meanwhile, Jeff and Lester talk their way into hiring the new Buy More employee but decide to search for the "Buy More Babe." From NBC
1/3/09: The Dark Intersect is part of a three episode arc starting in episode 214. From Ausiello
1/3/09: Morgan passes off the task of hiring a new coworker to Jeff and Lester. They scam swimsuit models into thinking that they are auditioning for the cover of the Buy More catalog. When they find out that they've been had, they take it out on Chuck by slapping him. Also, Morgan is forced to disrobe in front of them. From Kristin
11/22/08: "Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover girl Brooklyn Decker will guest star when Jeff and Lester take over the hiring process at Buy More and begin recruiting potential Buy More booth babes." From Ausiello
11/14/08: Another possible title for the episode is "Chuck Versus the Beefcake." From Casting Sides
11/8/08: Guest characters: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model ("This is an acting role, not modeling gigs. Girls should be 18 to 29, gorgeous. All ethnicities...CO-STAR") and Victoria's Secret Model ("This is an acting role, not a modeling gig. Girls should be 18 to 29, gorgeous. All ethnicities...CO-STAR") From Casting Sides
10/30/08: Guest character: Dominic ("32 years old. Male, rugged, tough, not pretty but sexy and masculine. Manly, rough and tumble, unpolished macho type. Think Jason Strathan, Dominic West, Clive Owen. Prefer British, Irish, Australian...MAJOR GUEST STAR ROLE"). From Casting Sides
10/30/08: Added episode title. From Casting Sides