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Episode 217 Spoilers: Chuck vs. the Predator; 3/23/2009
2/27/09: CHUCK DOESN'T KNOW WHO TO TRUST ANYMORE WHEN HE FINDS THE CREATOR OF THE INTERSECT-TONY HALE GUEST STARS-After Chuck is contacted by the mastermind behind the Intersect Computer, he must decide who he can trust-Sarah and Casey or the mysterious scientist who might be able to erase the Intersect from his mind. Meanwhile, a conflict breaks out between the Burbank Buy More and the more prestigious Beverly Hills branch. From NBC
2/17/09: Chuck searches for the scientist who created the Intersect, hoping the man can help him get the secrets out of his head. From SciFi Wire
2/17/09: Added episode title. From SciFi Wire
1/18/09: Robert Picardo says there's "a very big story arc about who created the "Intersect... I figure heavily into that story. There are lots of cool surprises and twists coming up." From TV Guide [Doesn't Robert Picardo seem like he easily could fit the description of the scientist behind the Intersect?]