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Season 2 General Spoilers
4/1/09: It appears that Awesome will be the character who finds out about Chuck's secret life. From Ausiello [Pair the article with all the near misses of Episode 318 and previous hints that someone would find out.]
3/22/09: There will be a shocking death, Morgan leaves the Buy More, Chuck and Sarah are "going further than they ever have before," Jeffster returns and Bryce returns. From Ausiello
3/8/09: One character will find out the truth about Chuck's secret spy life. From Washington Post Interview
3/3/09: In addition to Ellie and Awesome's wedding, there's a second wedding. From io9
3/3/09: Sarah uses government resources to help Chuck find his father. From io9
1/30/09: "Chuck has long looked up to Roark -- and has few lingering feelings for his absent dad." From Zap2It
1/25/09: According to Josh Schwartz, "someone is going to start figuring out the truth in Chuck's world." From Ausiello
1/18/09: Scott Bakula has been cast as Chuck and Ellie's dad. Chuck promises Ellle that he'll find their father before her wedding and "it's something that Chuck becomes consumed with pursuing during the second half of the season." However, Dad doesn't seem like he wants to be found. According to Josh Schwartz, "He's living in a trailer, he's disheveled, he's paranoid and he's claiming constantly that Ted Roark -- who he used to work with -- stole all his ideas from him. And Ted Roark has now become this super-successful software billionaire, and Chuck's dad has become an eccentric, living in the shadows." Bakula is set to play the role in at least three episodes starting in April. From Ausiello [Though we can't be sure, we're guessing that this three episode arc will lead up to the season finale and Ellie and Awesome's wedding.]
1/18/09: Chevy Chase has been cast as Ted Roark, "a technology mogul -- a mega-billionaire in the new-media business -- who is accused by Chuck's father for stealing his ideas." The character is set to appear in three episodes. From The Hollywood Reporter
1/15/09: Ellie and Awesone's wedding should take place sometime during May sweeps. From Kristin
11/22/08: "Jonathan Cake (Six Degrees) is coming on board for a multi-episode arc as a Gerard Butler-esqe British MI6 agent by the name of Cole Barker. The rugged, macho spy catches Sarah's eye and makes Chuck feel even geekier than usual." From Ausiello
11/3/08: Emmett grows suspicious of Chuck's activities and absences and Morgan ends up covering for him even though he doesn't know why he's covering for Chuck From SciFi Wire
10/19/08: The Chuck episode airing the Monday after the Super Bowl will be in 3-D. New character Emmett Milbarge will be suspicious of Chuck's frequent disappearances (in a Ferris Bueller/Principal Rooney riff). The second half of the season will build toward Ellie and Awesome's wedding. From Chicago Tribune
10/19/08: The CIA will make Chuck into a "faux" Bill Gates in order to impress a girl. Another plot might involve Big Mike falling in love with Morgan's mother. From Comic Con Panel
10/16/08: Chuck and Sarah end up living together during the season, but it doesn't happen through at least the first eight episodes. From TV Guide
10/12/08: According to Zachary Levi, one of the Bartowski parents might turn up this season. From Kristin
10/12/08: Jordana Brewster plays Jill and is set to appear in at least three episodes. From EW