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Episode 213 Spoilers: Chuck vs. the Best Friend; 2/23/2009
2/14/09: Because this episode was pre-empted on 2/9 by President Obama, it has been rescheduled for 2/23/09 after episode 214 ("Chuck vs. the Suburbs").
2/14/09: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Sarah with her now familiar gun-toting pose, but the outfit is new.

Chuck reacts to something he's seen.

Chuck doing his spy thing as he attempts to take pictures.

Chuck hides from Anna's new boyfriend and his gang.

1/23/09: Chuck helps a heartbroken Morgan spy on Anna. After he flashes on Anna's new boyfriend, Chuck, along with Sarah and Casey, is sent to discover his connection to a dangerous gang. Meanwhile, Jeff and Lester try to convince Ellie and Awesome to hire their band Jeffster! for the wedding. From NBC
11/3/08: Chuck figures out that Jason is planning to plant a bomb in a classic Rolls Royce that the Chinese Ambassador wants to buy at a car auction. Casey, Chuck and Sarah sneak into the car auction. In the Nerd Herd car, Chuck goes after the Rolls because Morgan is in the trunk with the bomb. The Chinese ambassador doesn't listen to Chuck's warning. Meanwhile, Sarah points out to Anna that she keeps comparing Jason to Morgan. Later, Jason wants to flee and he says that he has two tickets to Bermuda and wants Anna to go with him. She decides that she can't because she still has feelings for Morgan. Jason then is rude to Anna and then Morgan shows up and somehow punches out Jason. From Casting Sides
10/12/08: A flashback to 1992 has 12-year old Morgan being taken down by a girl. Just as she's about to pound on him for spying on her, Chuck shows up. Morgan points out that he has no girlfriend, but Chuck predicts that one day they will both have girlfriends. It's then that Morgan surmizes that growing a beard might help win the ladies over. Back in the present, Morgan is again girlfriend-less. Anna's new boyfriend Jason turns out to be involved with the Triad. Sarah and Chuck go undercover in Jason's car showroom along with Anna to find out what is going on. The Triad captures Morgan when he follows them in order to spy on Anna. Chuck has to convince the Triad that Morgan's not a spy, but just a loser stalking Anna. Morgan feels betrayed by Chuck, but Chuck doesn't have time to repair the damage because the Triad is after the Chinese Ambassador and he, Sarah and Casey have to stop them. Meanwhile, Lester and Jeff's friendship is under strain. From
10/12/08: Guest characters include Jason Wang (30-ish; "handsome, tall, successful, cool" Asian male), Smooth Lau (30-35; androngynous, beautiful, powerful Asian female enemy spy), Chinese Ambassador, 12-year old Chuck, 12-year old Morgan and Suzy O'Keefe (12; "blossoming girl who punches 12-yr-old Morgan and knocks him down. Pretty, but tough"). From Casting Sides
10/12/08: Added episode title. From Casting Sides